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about 4 years ago

Automations are coming in! Where are you at with your hack?

Hello Power Up Automation Hackers!


We have a little less than 3 weeks left of our Power Up Automation Hackathon and with over 628 of you, we couldn't be more excited to see what automation ideas are coming in! Last week we hosted a Live Slack Chat where our UiPath developers answered your pressing questions. Now that everyone is in motion of hacking, what do you think about receiving some suggestions from our UiPath RPA team?


We want to make sure you get the best support we can offer. Because of this, we have created a special process for suggestions for this Virtual Hackathon! 


  1. First off - make sure you have read all of the Submission Requirements on the Rules Tab of our Hackathon. 
  2. Then, make sure to have a Connect! account if you haven't already done so. 
  3. Add a comprehensive Summary and Description, Media, and the Source Code to your Connect! Project so that others can understand and assess your automation. Don’t forget to add the [PUA][Virtual][Suggestions] tag to your project. Any idea, video, or completed project, can be added to your project on Connect by adding the tag, [PUA][Virtual][Suggestions].
  4. Lastly, our Connect! team will reach out within a few days to give you their suggestions on how you can get the best out of your automation idea!


Please submit your Connect! Project until 1 week before the deadline (on 7/15), and we will send you RPA suggestions and tips and tricks on your automation idea. This process is to ensure that you have the best opportunity to develop your automation skills and implementation, and keeping all hacks within compliance of the rules of the hackathon. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at our email Talk to you all very soon!


- The UiPath Hackathon Team