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about 4 years ago

[PUA][Virtual] Announcing our final judges!

Hello Power Up Hackers!  

We only have 9 days left of the hackathon! Have you submitted your project for feedback on Connect yet? Don’t forget that you have until Monday July 15th to get some suggestions before you complete your final submission! 

We have also solidified our judging panel for [PUA][Virtual] and we couldn’t be more excited with the line-up! With a broad range of backgrounds and roles – take a look below at whom will be judging your hacks and taking you to the next level: 

  1. Naresh Venkat – Head of ML/AI Partnerships, Google Cloud 
  2. Guy Kirkwood – Chief Evangelist, UiPath 
  3. Palak Kadakia – Vice President Product Management, UiPath  
  4. Susana Gonzalez Cacheiro – UiPath Community MVP 
  5. Clayton Marischen – UiPath Community MVP 
  6. Tom Clancy – SVP of Learning, UiPath 
  7. Vikas Jain – RPA Developer Lead, UiPath 
  8. Ana Cinca – VP of Enabling Technologies, UiPath 

Lastly, make sure that if you want these judges to see your hard work, please tag your projects on Connect! We have been receiving a few hackathon project that aren’t tagged properly. Please make sure that you are tagging your project [PUA][Virtual][Project Name] if it is a finalized submission, or [PUA][Virtual][Suggesstions] if you are still looking for feedback. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at our email Talk to you all very soon! 

- The UiPath Hackathon Team