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about 4 years ago

[PUA][Virtual] Updates to our Terms & Conditions

Hello Power Up Hackers!

We are just 5 days away from our final deadline of the Power Up Hackathon on Monday July 22nd at 5PM EST! How far along are you in your hack, hope you are wrapping up!

We wanted to make an announcment of two adjustments to our Terms and Conditions. In this hackathon, we introduced our new UiPath Community Platform, Connect!, and we want to ensure the clarity surrounding submissions for the hackathon. Please take a look at the Rules page on Devpost, as we have modified Sections 4 Submissions, and Section 4Da.

Under Submissions, we are adding that after the initial evaluation and pre-judging, all finalists will be invited to submit their components onto UiPath Go! to be eligible for the final round of judging and awards. The first part of submitting onto Connect is to fulfill all the submission requirements for the component that you created. Afterwards, by uploading it onto Go! Marketplace, we will expand the RPA community by making these components more widespread and accessible for the UiPath Community at large.

Second, please be mindful of the draft submissions pre and post submission period. Prior to the end of the Submission Period, you may save draft versions of your Submission on Devpost to your portfolio before submitting the Submission materials to the Competition for evaluation. This also applies to your project that is submitted onto Connect. Once the Submission Period has ended, you may not make any changes or alterations to your Connect! Submission, but you may continue to update the project in your Devpost portfolio. For your project submitted on Connect, you may not edit any part of the project as that will compromise the judging process.

We hope that this does not affect any of your hacks, and we look forward to seeing all different types of automation hacks coming in this weekend leading up to Monday! If you have any other questions, please email our Community Manager, Diana Morgan at and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. To hacking away this weekend! 


 -The UiPath Hackathon Team